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Founded in 2015, Ulla Labs is the design brains behind Ulla, a smart and engaging contemporary wellness tool that helps people live a healthier life. Headaches, fatigue, obesity and weak immune systems were just some of the issues we wanted to address when we began working to create something new – a unique product that would respond to real health and lifestyle concerns that affect everyone.

Our aim was to make Ulla incredibly simple to use, with end-users and their hopes and habits foremost in mind. As a result, everyone – from the technically unengaged to notification-swamped gadget enthusiasts – gets the full benefit of our innovative product. We all now drink more water, throughout our entire day – and feel better for it.

Ulla employs drink detection, ambient and proximity technologies, and reminds, even motivates people to hydrate regularly with a subtle yet effective visual alert. They say water is life, motivation is what gets you started, and habit is what keeps you going. We firmly believe that Ulla, the hydration coach, is the missing link between all three.

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