Smart hydration coach
for your busy life

Ulla reminds you about that essential thing you keep forgetting ‐ to drink water. Put it on any bottle and stay properly hydrated throughout the day.


We found a way to give
your bottle superpowers.

Packed with technology that knows when you need to hydrate, Ulla consistently motivates you to drink. Regular hydration helps prevent headaches naturally, and allows you to perform at your best, around the clock ‐ just like the world expects of you.

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How it works


Ulla is designed to work with bottles or glasses of all shapes, sizes and materials.


Smart sensors know when you drink ‐ Ulla only blinks when you forget to hydrate regularly.


Ulla's blinking pattern ensures you’ll notice it, even out of the corner of your eye.

Start your day with water,
end it with a smile.

Designed for you, Ulla is automatically activated in the morning and alerts you to fill up your bottle with fresh water. You'll never forget to hydrate before losing yourself in the endless stream of tasks that life throws at you.

Always by your side.

Whether you’re at home or work, Ulla encourages you to drink water regularly. When you’re running from meeting to meeting, you’ll hardly remember that the nuisance of dry mouth ever existed.

Your own hydration coach

Headaches, fatigue, obesity and weak immune systems were just some of the issues we had to consider when deciding to create something unique ‐ something that would truly help us lead a healthier lifestyle.

They say water is life, motivation is what gets you started, and habit is what keeps you going. We firmly believe Ulla is the missing link between all three.


It's time to put
yourself first.

Life has become more stressful than ever. Always in a hurry, you keep putting your own needs aside just to keep everyone else happy. Ulla puts your needs in the spotlight. When it’s time, it will remind you to take a refreshing sip of water, and get your mind off work, even if just for a moment

Break free from
feeling exhausted.

The work-day is almost over, and you realize that you’ve already downed a couple of lattes but barely had any water. Thirst is a sign of dehydration, which severely impacts your metabolism, immune system and energy levels. Follow Ulla’s optimal hydration cycle and finally have more energy for the people and things you love most.

Beautifully complex,
yet so simple to use.

The advanced technology packed inside make Ulla incredibly fun and easy to use. The three integrated sensors detect both your presence and your hydration habits. As a result, Ulla steps in when it has to, with a subtle yet effective alert.


Ulla in real life

“Best gadget purchased in recent memory. I was skeptical at first, but cannot say enough good things about Ulla now.”

Flamingo Pink Ulla

“I've noticed a huge energy boost since I started using Ulla. Maybe it's the flashing light that makes me want to dance or maybe it's the water. Who knows. Glad you exist!”

Flamingo Pink Ulla

“It has increased my water drinking from 1 to 3 bottles a day. I left it at home today and feel lost without it.”

Coral Green Ulla

No app, no charging, no fuss ‐ just put Ulla on your bottle and let it do its thing.