Limited Edition

Ulla Sweet Heart

Improve your well-being.
Drink more water.

Meet the Ullas
Watch How It Works

Hydration Reminder that keeps you
healthy & productive.

Ulla fits your bottle, knows when you drink and blinks when you need more H2O – in your body and in your life.

Attach Ulla

Ulla works with bottles of any shape, size and material.

Get a friendly reminder

Ulla starts blinking every time you forget to drink water for too long.

Feel better, feel great

Forget about headaches, fatigue, constipation, depleted immune systems ... gone

Drink detection technology

Optimal Hydration Cycle algorithm

No charging, replaceable battery

3 Reasons why
you need Ulla.

Keeps you
perfectly hydrated

Gives your
bottle super-powers

Makes you
look & feel great

Meas Cox

Pretty Little Reminder

I love love love my pink Ulla :) It has done everything that was claimed it would do - remind me to drink water. I've just ordered 2 more for family.