“I used to get so sucked into work that I didn't get up from my seat for 6 or 7 hours at a time. And certainly not to sip H2O. Ulla is ace at chasing the headaches away!”

Neža Spruk
Kamnik, Slovenia

Works and looks great!

I got one for myself and my mom, because we were both forgetting to drink during work. Now we use it not only in the office but through the whole day! I never thought 30 minutes pass so fast! It's a truly great product and you get so used to it, that you soon can't imagine your day without Ulla.

Curee Bo
Philadelphia, United States

My favorite Christmas gift

Love, love, love it!! I always have a water cup at my desk, but used to only drink about two glasses a day. Now I'm up to four or five glasses and am staying hydrated thanks to my Ulla! What a great product!!!!!!!!

Melissa Arcand
London, Canada

Worth. Every. Penny!!

Thank you Ulla for creating such an innovative device!! I just received my Ulla's in the mail today and was thrilled. I live in Ontario, Canada and ordered 4 Ulla's on Jan. 20th. I received an email that my items were shipped on Jan. 23rd. They are shipped from Slovenia so I was assuming it was going to take forever to receive them and there would be some sort of "hidden" customs costs. Today is Feb. 7th, I checked my mailbox this morning and they are already here!! NO HIDDEN charges! This is a very legit company. Please do not be turned off by their European shipping company or tracking system. I used my Ulla all day today and I've never been more satisfied with an online purchase. I drank 1.5L of water at work today and left with an empty water bottle. Worth. Every. Penny!!

Bariatric momma
Dublin, United States

Best. Invention. Ever.

It is everthing they advertise. Works beautifully and I am pleasantly pleased when it blinks to remind me to drink. 30 minutes goes by fast!!

Linz, Austria

never again without

I always had my bottle of water standing right next to me at my desk but allways forget to drink. Since Ulla everything changed and I feel much better through drinking frequent.

Toronto, Canada

So smart. Really works.

We ordered an Ulla for everyone in our company and it's been so great. The blinking light is just enough of a reminder to take a sip of water without being intrusive to whatever else you may be doing. My water consumption is definitely up!