“I used to get so sucked into work that I didn't get up from my seat for 6 or 7 hours at a time. And certainly not to sip H2O. Ulla is ace at chasing the headaches away!”

Frankfurt, Germany

Does what it promises, which is simple but very important

I'm over 50% into Day 1, and so far I've managed to drink a pint of water, without feeling like it's a chore or needing to make the water interesting somehow (normally, I will chug a glass of water but only if it's spiced up with lemon or mint or something). I am very optimistic about getting enough water during a day from now on

Erika Pearson
Spanish Fork, United States

The best thing ever!

I LOVE this product! it has helped my water intake so much! i see it flashing out of the corner of my eye and drink, the only thing i dont love is it will flash at night which wakes me but i would tell everyone on the fence or thinking about buying one to do it! the customer service is the best! they are so nice and easy to work with

Gina Chapman
Everett, United States

Just what I needed!

This product is awesome! I probably drink 8oz of water a day if that! Today with my Ulla I have already drank 24oz! So excited to be hydrated!

Allix Turner
Mount Sterling, United States

The Only Thing That Helped!

I do not drink enough water a day, I have trained my body to not even realize I am dehydrated. I have tried apps, alarms, "pretty/fancy" water bottles..... and nothing worked!! The Ulla has now helped me to go from barely drinking a few cups a day to around a gallon of water a day. I even bought one for my Grandmother who lives in an assisted living and does not hydrate enough to help her. Great Product!!!

Saratoga Springs, United States

Truly Smart Hydration

I'm a fan of anything that gets me to drink more water. I've tried apps and even have a gallon water jug on my desk at work with a beautiful sharpie timeline on the side (TY Pinterest), but nothing has worked as well as the Ulla to get me to drink more water. Shipping took a bit because it came from overseas, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Kylie Smay
Karratha, Australia

Loving this!!

I live in a very hot regional town in W.A. and I too often forgot to stay properly hydrated. I finally ordered my Ulla and I haven't looked back! I get fewer headaches, I am able to stay focused doing long work days and my skin has improved! People notice it too and they are all intrigued. This really works!