Just a flashing light?
Think again!

Watch How It Works

Blinks when you forget
to hydrate for too long

Like a good friend always keeping an eye out for you, Ulla keeps tabs on your doings and starts blinking when it’s time for more water.

Follows an
optimal hydration cycle

By following Ulla's optimal hydration cycle, your drinking habits will improve dramatically.

Fully automated.

No apps, no charging, no fuss. Ulla’s always working but never gets in the way. Ulla’s what you need to help take good care of yourself.

Discrete yet effective

Ulla’s effective blinking alert, developed by the US Navy, ensures you’ll always notice Ulla no matter how busy or distracted.

Smart drinking detection

A high-precision accelerometer always knows when you take a drink. So Ulla knows only to blink when you forget to hydrate regularly.

Optimal hydration intervals

Ulla reminds you throughout the day to hydrate every 40 minutes – but only if you forget to drink. Good drinking habits, no blinking – simple.

Fits any bottle

Ulla’s designed to fit easily on any bottle, regardless of size or material, with its special silicone mounting band.


Ulla wakes up when you enter the room in the morning, and goes quietly to sleep when you turn the lights off for the night.

No charging

The easily replaceable CR2032 button cell battery lasts up to six months.

Amy Smith

Works great!

I love this little thing. Has helped me drink more and yes I feel better. I drink 3 times more now than I ever did.